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History & Heritage

Rich cultural heritage backed by ten thousand years of history

People of the Tides

Goldbelt, Inc., Nisga’a Tek’s parent company, is an Alaska Native Corporation first and foremost, and we draw on and uphold the principles of our culture: family, diligence, and respect. These qualities remind us of our past, define our present, and guide our future.

Incorporated in 1974, Goldbelt was organized under the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANSCA) as the urban corporation representing the Juneau area, though shareholders have family roots throughout Southeast Alaska’s vibrant Tlingit community. The Tlingit people are the indigenous people of the Southeast region, whose rich history spans more than ten thousand years. Goldbelt was formed with 2,722 original shareholders and now represents more than 3,900 shareholders and descendants. Our shareholders own the entire 272,000 shares of Goldbelt stock, representing assets of over $100 million in addition to over 32,000 acres of land in the Juneau area – land upon which our shareholders and their ancestors have made their homes for thousands of years.

Over the centuries,  Indigenous Alaskans established more than a dozen permanent villages across the Southeast region of Alaska, in spite of the harsh environment, with Tlingit ancestors dwelling in the more northerly areas and the Haida people occupying villages in the most southerly islands. Historically, two groups of Tlingits made their home in the area now known as Juneau: the Auk and the Taku. Each tribe was a loose affiliation of clans, which claimed ownership to land, salmon streams, and trading routes throughout a region stretching from the southern reaches of Stephens Passage to an area north of Berners Bay.

Tlingit culture is matrilineal and highly values respect, humor, and support for one another. We establish identity through a clan system organized into two major moieties: Eagle (Yéil) and Raven (Ch’áak’), which are each in turn made up of clan houses. Emphasis is placed upon responsible cultivation and harvest of resources from both the land and sea, with great value and respect for all that the land provides.

We are focused on building a permanent legacy to honor our history and heritage. Goldbelt is more than just a business enterprise; it’s rooted in a people, in a place, and with a solid sense of responsibility for the well-being and future of both. We foster solid, long lasting relationships with valued partners to deliver maximum value to clients and shareholders while remaining true to our culture and values.

a ya.áak

Opportunity. Today, we seek out opportunities for our shareholders close to home and around the world, all while maintaining a firm grasp on the stories, traditions, and courage of our culture.